Unsupportive Midwife

I was 41 weeks 6 days when I went to the hospital to deliver my daughter. I skipped my last to ob appointments because I knew I’d be pressured to be induced and I wanted to avoid being induced if I didn’t need to be. So I went in that Thursday evening thinking I was in labor. When I got to the hospital I was told by the on call midwife from my practice that I had never seen that I wasn’t in labor but I needed to be induced because my placenta was going to detach and hurt my baby. She told me that when all she had done was do a cervical exam. So I reluctantly agreed to being induced but I told her I wanted to avoid pit if possible she told me that was pointless because I’d just be given it after birth anyways. She went off her shift and the on call OB had a “I don’t have time for you attitude” I waited hours to hear if I could eat, have IV pain medications, get checked, etc because she didn’t want to get of bed and come in “for no reason”. I had a nurse that tried to force me to get a epidural because “I wasn’t listening” and because I kept asking for more hot packs. But I was mouthy and told her if she said epidural one more time she wasn’t allowed in my room. She then told me she would order me a heating pad which never showed up. Thankfully the OB that was on call when I actually delivered was amazing and he basically told the nurses I was the one in labor and the one having a baby to let me do what I wanted. It shocked me that the only male I saw was the most compassionate, understanding, and respectful medical professional. It sadden me when I found out he left the practice shortly after I gave birth. But I can’t blame him because he was far to good doctor to he in such a shitty practice.

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