Not Listened To

I never took a pregnancy test I just knew I was pregnant. I called to see about making an appointment and no one asked if I had taken a home pregnancy test. I was about 10 weeks at my first appt.
I asked for a blood test for Rh factor because it has been inconclusive in the past and was told no.
When I was around 7 weeks I started feeling my baby move. When asked if I feel her move around 14 weeks I said I had since about 7 weeks and no lie the dr looked right in my eyes and said no i haven’t.
I told the Dr. I had a weird discharge and wanted to be checked and without looking she said I didn’t and it was normal during pregnancy. (It wasn’t, I had a yeast infection. A little home diagnosis and Monistat cleared it right up. Thanks doc.)
CWC can kiss my butt….

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