Insurance overruled my birth

I was scheduled to have my baby with a midwife & doula I n the hospital; a midwife I had seen throughout my pregnancy. I was PUSHING after 12 hrs of natural labor & the nurse came in with another doctor and said my insurance wouldn’t cover a midwife to deliver my baby. I had seen this lady for 9 mos, worked out a birth plan which included no drugs at all, no episiotomy, waiting to cut the cord till it stopped pulsing, & a natural placenta birthing at the end. This new doctor gave me lidacane and almost did an episiotomy until I yelled for her to stop, she refused to wait more than 10 seconds & cut the cord, then immediately after birth she started tugging on the umbilical cord to get the placenta out. I’m still, 5 yrs later, angry a little when I think about how my decisions were taken from me in my most vulnerable state. If that’s not enough, the doctor made fun of me when I asked to keep the placenta (I was having it encapsulated to help with milk production), and she told me I was going to tear terrible without the episiotomy (I only tore to a level 2). Scare tactics & insurance bureaucracies took away my rights as a woman during birth.

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