Disabled Mom with Previous Pelvic Issues

I’m somewhere between 8 and 9mo pregnant with my second baby. My first was tough becasue around my second trimester the bleeding that I had experienced before getting pregnant had come back. I told my OB (Seigel, Cannon, ?) that my pain was really bad and that I had begun bleeding on a regular basis. The baby was checked and I was told that as long as everything looked ok and the baby was safe there was no need to worry or do anything to help me. By the 3rd trimester I had begun taking my pain medication (via pain mgnt ) again because the pain was so bad (as well as the bleeding that had gone from every few days to daily) and I was definitely shamed by the team of OB’s I was seeing yet they offered zero alternatives. When I went into labor I was told that it was likely false labor (I was two weeks late) and that I should wait until the next morning?! I called the on call Dr, shortly thereafter, and said I need to go to the hospital (I had chosen Holy Cross in Germantown) but was told that because of my narcotic usage I’d need to go to Shady Grove becasue H.C. was not equipped to handle an addicted baby. I was never prepped for what would happen during or after birth. Fast forward to this pregnancy and I was told that because of my constant bleeding they (another group, one of the few that accepts Medicare) could not give me a due date. On my 1st appointment I received a date sometime between 8/15-9/5. This time I asked for the doctors notes after going back for 3 check ups, and there was either no mention of heavy bleeding/chronic pain or it was mineralized. I finally left the practice at 7 months because I scheduled an emergency appointment due to watery bleeding and pain, the dr I saw (Dr. calendar) said she didn’t believe an internal check was necessary then actually wrote that I refused the exam in her notes! No one in the practice would get back to me when I tried to get answers. Sadly in order to get an OB late in a pregnancy you have to approved as a patient so it took me nearly 2 months to find a new provider. Thank you so much for offering space for moms who have been bullied, to express their feelings, and help other moms!!

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