The History of #MyBirthToo

#MyBirthToo is a movement of women and families working to shed light on birth trauma and obstetric violence, and to rally together for healing and for change.

My Birth Too began as a result of Jessica Kent’s work with the nonprofit The Birthing Circle.  The Birthing Circle’s Doula Project was serving marginalized communities, and their focus had increasingly been studying the intersections of trauma and birth.  Seeing parallels with her experiences working with sexual assault survivors and the #MeToo movement, she began making increasing connections between the stories shared there, and the birth stories that were being told.

In preparation for an rally, there began a series of online discussions surrounding the definition of birth trauma, the definition of violence and coercion during birth, and the definition of obstetric violence.  When words were put to these experiences, hundreds and hundreds of women and families poured their stories forth.  We collected some of the stories and shared them in a post that reached 50,000 people within a week.

Clearly this was a topic that was happening, and frequently, and #MyBirthToo is a collaborative effort to create a space to share those stories, support each other as we heal, and gather together to address systematic issues leading to these problems.

What you can do:

  • Read the definitions! Learn and put language to the experiences you may have, or your loved ones may have.
  • Share your story here! We have had so many women reach out and say that they didn’t realize that what happened to them wasn’t “okay” after reading a similar story from someone else where the experience was defined properly.
  • Encourage others to share their stories. Grassroots efforts make a difference when we have large numbers of community members all rising up and saying enough is enough.
  • We will be able to organize these stories by region and state. Examine the data from your region and present it to local advocates or policy makers as proof that these incidences are occurring, and demand change. (If you are interested in this data, please email
  • Donate! We are a primarily volunteer led organization and depend upon private donations and fundraisers to continue providing this platform and advocating for improved birth and women’s rights. Every dollar helps!